Sunday, July 13, 2008

HHO gas

When talking about HHO we should start out talking about what it is and how it is made. How does the HHO system work? HHO gas is the done by having a container with a water solution, inside the container there are either metal plates or wire and an intake or out-gas tubes. The water has a charge put to it...the electricity goes through the plates or wire and causes electrolysis and the result is HHO that flows up the out-gas tube into the air intake manifold. The process is simple; the process of making HHO gas is also called Brown's Gas. HHO is Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen. When the HHO systems splits water (H2O) into its components the h2o to HHO conversion takes place. HHO is also known as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and Water gas. The electrolysis of water produces a burnable Green Gas. HHO is a green gas that is the wave of the future. HHO auto conversion creates a hybrid car, which are now water powered cars using the technology of HHO. The HHO gas generator for cars is an environmentally friendly car modified with HHO technology, which allows users to increase their mileage, save money on gasoline, costs and drastically reduces car emissions. An HHO water hybrid car uses the HHO gas to assist combustion. So if you are asking the question, does HHO work in cars, the answer is yes, HHO technology for a waterpower car dramatically increases you miles per gallon. HHO as a fuel also reduces air pollution, decreases oil imports and fuel consumption, reduces the trade deficit and produce American jobs. If a mere 10% of automobiles nationwide were powered by an HHO gas fuel system, regulated air pollutants would be cut by one million tons per year and 60 million tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide would be eliminated. HHO is derived from a renewable source, water, thus the emissions will be nothing but water vapor. You can't get more environmentally friendly than that. HHO is water gas. HHO Systems are known to help an engine run cleaner with less carbon buildup. A water-powered car improves emissions with an increase in horsepower, which equates to fewer trips to the gas station. With today's gas prices, everyone is looking for alternative car fuel. You can build your own HHO converter and make your car a hybrid car. When you build your own HHO systems converter it will connect to the 12 Volts of your battery via the ignition switch. To build HHO generator could take 10 minutes or less to connect. HHO makes the engine run quieter and it stops knocking or "pinging". The water changes the combustion cycle into a more even or "round" cycle. This happens immediately upon installation of the HHO converter kit, and from that moment on, your engine works in a new way. Using hydrogen in cars creates less noise, less vibration, resulting in reduced strain on the transmission (thus smoother gear shifts), cleaner pistons and valves, and generally better engine operation. The more you learn about all this HHO fuel cell stuff, the more you will see how beneficial it is not only to your cost for fuel, but also for the environment.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Water Powered Car by Gordon Powles

Is it really possible to have a water powered car?

Fuel price are going up like crazy at the moment and there seems to be no stop to this price increase war of the fuel prices. Owning and driving a car is getting more and more expensive as the fuel prices keep rising.

Where there's a problem, there must be a solution.

A Scientist has found a way to convert your car into a hydrogen fuel car that can run on water, that's right water, (a water powered car). No longer will you need to pay for the high price fuel.

You can simply add water into your car and runs the same as using fuel.

So how do you convert your car to a water powered car? That is the big question you ask.

You will have to install a hydrogen fuel cell car engine in your car to allow it to combust water to produce the energy. Luckily, installing a hydrogen fuel cell engine to your car is simple and very easy.

Just imagine the amount of fuel you will be saving when you run your car on water. Because it can even run on salt water, and sea water is free of charge for you to use to run your car.

Having a water powered car not only helps you to save money on fuel, you are also helping planet earth by emitting less pollution to the environment. Converting your car into a water powered car is not as difficult as you think it. With a proper manual that can guide you through the whole process step by step, the whole process of converting your car into water powered car can be done for under $100 using half a day.

The basic principle is by using electrolysis (electricity) water can be converted into two types of flammable gases - Hydrogen and Oxyhydrogen. This is done by rearranging the same three atoms found in water H2O into a different molecular structure, you get a gas called HHO that burns very well and releases a lot of energy in the process.

The source of electricity you need to convert water is found in the car battery. However, you will need to know how to use the car battery to electrolyze the water to convert into either Hydrogen gas or Oxyhydrogen gas. Once converted you will also have to navigate this gas into your gas tank to mix with the gasoline. By doing this, you are converting water into fuel, using water as an alternative fuel for your car and making water powered car.

When you are driving, your car battery will turn some of the water to gas, which will act as an energy supplement to the gas you pump into your car. By converting your car to a water powered car, you will increase your mileage and save a lot of money. It estimated that it is a 40% saving in fuel costs. To make your water powered car, you will need professional guidance or at least an experienced mechanic to modify your car to run on water.

You can find out a step-by-step guide on how to turn you car into a water powered car here.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Car Conversion - Hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars is our main topic here. After Fuel price are increased every day people are looking forward to others technology that can safe them from this burden. Now everybody know about Water can produced gas and powered your car. I find out that with this new invention we can safe 50% of our fuel and bring back more money to your pocket.

A device call water HHO kit that function of this device would convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. What it do is that the kits takes water in a fuel cell and turns it into burning gas for your car.

The secret is the fuel cell will hook to your car battery and converted the water into gas and mix with your fuel. This will give you better gas mileage. The system is similar to hydrogen but is not exactly the same because you are burning small amounts of water and it is not pure hydrogen. The HHO gas conversion system is a great way to increase gas mileage and improve your cars performance and horsepower.

This water power method give advantage to your car which make your engine cleaner. More power and performance, reduce the operating temperature of the engine and waste heat into the environment, calmer, quieter and much smoother engine operation and smoother gearshifts and lot more. This is another alternative for Hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Understanding Hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its on-board fuel for motive power. The concept is the same like traditional gasoline (petrol) cars which the hydrogen is burned in engines and reacted with oxygen to produce water and electricitywhich is used to power an electric traction motor.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars contain molecular hydrogen needed as an on-board fuel for hydrogen vehicles can be obtained through many thermochemical methods utilizing natural gas, coal (by a process known as coal gasification), liquefied petroleum gas, biomass (biomass gasification), by a process called thermolysis, or as a microbial waste product called biohydrogen or Biological hydrogen production. Hydrogen can also be produced from water by electrolysis. If the electricity used for the electrolysis is produced using renewable energy, the production of the hydrogen would (in principle) result in no net carbon dioxide emissions. On-board decomposition to produce hydrogen can occur when a catalyst is used.